Saturday, March 3, 2012


Iphone 4s

Another technology from the Apple company, another new member of the smart phones, iphone family. The late Steve Jobs really revolutionized the way we live and the way we handle our daily lives through the use of his inventions and innovations like the Iphone 4s which is the newest innovation of Apple. Iphone 4s is different from her other predecessors because she has the newest state of the art feature in communication, the SIRI.

SIRI is an intelligent form of application in the
iphone 4s wherein a person can record his/her own voice and SIRI will listen to you, like you are talking to a real person and you, the user can ask SIRI anything, for example if you are looking for an Apple store near you, just ask SIRI and it will give you the addresses or locations of Apple stores near you. It answers back and talks back to you, the user and it understands you, it understands what you need. You can also text, call, sends messages, schedules meetings, sets reminders, just instruct or ask SIRI and it will do what you want and need. A great additional feature of the iphone 4s, isn't it?

The Iphone 4s is the most advanced, more fast, more powerful with it's longer, outstanding battery life, with a great camera feature with an 8 mega-pixel and best optic solutions, it is very advance in it's time. Iphone 4s has the best screen resolution, with it's clarity and a facetime application you can do with your loved ones and friends, eventhough how far you are you can video chat and talk to them everywhere, anywhere, anytime, everytime you want.

You can even print your pictures, emails or any documents anywhere, anytime you need. Without cables, or any installations , without softwares needed to be downloaded with your
Iphone 4s, just a few taps needed and voila, you can print right away with a wi-fi. And with your iphone 4s, the Apple store extended it's technical support or repair coverage to two years, with an additional one year of free service, you can sure use your iphone 4s to your advantage and you can be sure of a good help and support from the Apple store employees or experts.

So but your own iphone 4s now, for a better mobile phone that is user friendly and innovative.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Pointer Sisters

from left to right : June, Anita and Ruth Pointer

Ruth, Anita, Bonnie and June.............the sisters who made the music industry the best that it can be. With the sisters humble beginnings and their passion for music they became icons around the world. I wish that I was old enough when they were at the peak of their career, in the 70s and 80s. I don't know what dawned on me the past few weeks that I was brought back to the sisters songs, to their lives both past and present, and to search more about them in the net.

I just remembered that two or three weeks ago I was recalling the song of David Foster, Voices that Care. I was looking at the different footages of the song, with interviews of the different artists, athletes and actors who were involved in the making of the video of the song. Then one of the excerpts, I saw the Pointer Sisters, they were in the studio with David Foster recording their part in the song, I guess that started it.

At first, I focused on checking up on their famous songs on you tube which were Jump ( for my love ) and I'm so excited, which I heard and grew fond of since I was a kid, those were only the two songs I know or I recall of them, such a pity, see how pathetic I am, I don't know or forgotten any other songs of the sisters. What a shame on my part.

So I started to search for more songs of the sisters in you tube, I found a lot, I mean A LOT, there were songs I did not know that came from or were sang by the sisters, I came across Neutron Dance ( with lead vocals Ruth ) which was a disco-ish type of song and used in Eddie Murphy's movie, Beverly Hills Cop, I love it, and what about DARE ME ( with lead vocals June)....... wow this song was a favorite of mine when I was a kid and again now, I totally forgot that the sisters were the once who sang it, I used to see the video of the song in MTV, I was an MTV buff/ fanatic before. That song blew my mind and brought back memories. Of course there was Fire ( with lead vocals Anita), I heard this song lots of times, I did not know it was originally sang by the sisters , there was this song that touched my heart, Don't Walk Away ( lead vocals Ruth ) which was in their album Only Sisters Can Do That, that song touched every inch in my heart and soul, every inch of my being, it was said that the video of that song was the last studio video made by the sisters and their last studio album.

Going back to the sisters humble beginnings, they grew up in a strict household with both of their parents worked as ministers in a church in Oakland, California. It was known that the two youngest daughters or sisters, Bonnie and June were the ones who started singing, and created a duo Pointers - A Pair, then when Anita saw her two younger sisters sang on a choir, she was mesmerized by the singing and gave up her office job in a law firm to join the choir too, Anita felt that she had to try singing cause this was what she really wanted to do since she was young, so they started calling themselves the Pointer sisters. They began to perform in the bay area, and clubs. Ruth, the eldest sister joined her sisters in 1972 because she saw that her sisters were having fun and the temptations of her sisters to join them were overwhelming and she knows deep in her heart that singing was her calling. But then, in 1977 Bonnie left and started her own singing career, this hurt her three sisters but they decided to move on without Bonnie. The quartet became a trio. Without Bonnie the three sisters ( Ruth, Anita, June ) continued on and made a tremendous, phenomenal, remarkable mark in the music industry with their album Break Out, it gave them six top ten singles, with some of the songs I mentioned above. And two Grammy awards. What a great accomplishment for such talented and beautiful ladies, they deserve it, they deserve to be recognized.

Sad to know that June, the youngest sister died last 2006, a big loss. I look at the videos of the sisters and their songs now in you tube, it pains me to see June knowing that she is not here anymore. The video Don't Walk Away is memorable for me because it was June's last music video with her sisters. And she looked frail in that song video. She also made a song video with her sister Bonnie last 2002, I almost cried when I saw it, June was more frail and sad looking in that clip. Now, Ruth and Anita continued on carrying the group, singing and performing in the US and abroad with Ruth's grand daughter Sadako completing the trio again. But before Sadako, Issa who is one of Ruth's daughter was the one who replaced June when she left the group because of her failing health. For me, the group will never be the same without June but I am happy to know Anita and Ruth did not stop and continued on. Anita once said that they will never stop, she will never stop singing and performing until she can. It is also nice to know that the second generation of pointers are following on their grandmother's, mother's and aunt's legacy/footsteps.

For me the Pointer sisters will live forever, their songs captivated millions of people, they became pioneers, role models and icons of many young artists. No other group can or will ever be at par with the Pointers. I am a full pledged Pointer Sisters fan, follower, admirer. I'm a Pointer sister at heart. I love them Pointers!

How to lose Belly Fat

How to lose belly fat is one of the most popular question that we commonly use around the world. Each and everyone of us wants to get rid of those excess fats in our body, especially those fats hanging around our tummies. There are lots of ways on how to lose those belly fats but it differs in each person, no one person has the same body structure and physical stature with another person, even identical twins. We have to have that personal or unique procedure, step and self discipline if really want to have the positive results that we are expecting to achieve.

There is this perception that the absence of fat in the belly makes a person look better and this reflects on his/her outlook in life which would help a person feel happy, positive and confident on his/ her self. Second a flat stomach indicates that people are disciplined and look after their body, almost everybody wants to get rid of stomach fat and have a body that we can be proud of.

One cause of belly fat is our daily consumption of calories which is more than what our body can burn, a sedentary lifestyle, over consumption of food that are sugar-based and foods high in fat will add to the problem on losing belly fat.

The best exercises to do to lose those belly fats are a combination of cardio and abs exercises. It is not just stomach crunches, we need to do some cardio exercises too, since this helps in the burning of fats and calories. And a good diet is a key in losing belly fat.

Discipline in our diet and eating habits is also an important factor on how to lose belly fat, what we put in our body everyday defines how we value our life. and self worth. Minimizing intake of dairy products, processed and junk foods, fatty and high calorie foods and more fruits, vegetables and high fiber foods are the steps we should take if we really want to lose those belly fats.

Having a flat belly is what we want to achieve, it is not an easy journey to do but we all have to start at some point.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I am so thrilled and eager to watch the movie premiere of TWILIGHT. It will be shown two weeks from now, if the schedule will push through. I am currently reading New Moon, the second book of the famous Twilight saga, by Stephenie Meyer and I can not put down the book. After reading Twilight, I said to myself, I have to have more of this. And so my adventure began, my nostalgia never stopped, I was craving for more, I was like one of the characters in the book, a mythical character, like how Bella described the creatures who were drawn to her. I'm like one of the Cullen's teenage children or one of the Quileute tribe teenagers.

The way Stephenie described the vampires was so full of paradox. They are like lost souls finding a place where they would belong and they found it in Forks, they can act as normal human beings there in that small town but this does not happen everytime, the Cullens were also very cautious about not revealing their true identities. So when Bella Swan arrived in Forks they were all hesitant to get near her.
Bella has a keen perception of the things and people around her and since she's new in town she has that fresh scent that the vampires are attracted to, which makes it difficult for them to stay away from her, and which they are trying so hard to do. Bella became friends with the youngest Cullen child, Edward, this is where the story is centered, between the relationship of these two teenagers.

When Edward saved Bella's life he knew he can't ignore his feelings for her anymore (imagine vampires having feelings). Their friendship became so deep that it blossomed into love, everytime they're together they try so hard to understand each others flaws and differences. Eventhough there are a lot of things that they can't seem to accept about each other they still are drawn to one another.

It's a story of love so unique and full of passion. People say, fairy tales do come true, well it sure does in this book and movie (hopefully) , it was so brilliantly done with a tasteful twist. So come and buy the book and don't miss the movie.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Sound of Music

The classic movie worth watching, worth having a DVD copy of. The whole picture was so awesome, it brought me to tears. The location was very grandiose, Austria is a paradise. I want to go there sometime in the near future. The mountains and the hills were so splendid to look at. Maria was right by saying........" the hills are alive with the sound of music.........................."

I love Julie Andrews. I love her so much. She is so great in everything she does. I adore her. Her voice was so phenomenal, especially in this movie, the songs became timeless because of her, because of her powerful voice.

The scene where the children had a fun picnic with Maria was so hilarious the children saw how different Maria is from their previous governess and started to like and accept her. Maria on the other hand started to care and love the children. Maria has her own naivete and childlikeness inside her that makes her so adorable and lovable. And those were the traits of Maria that made Captain Von Trapp fall head over heels in love with her.

I just can't picture a person who have not seen or heard about this movie. It's impossible to imagine one person who does not know The Sound of Music. This movie is so remarkable, it is a must see movie. For me, it is worth every penny I have when I bought the original DVD of the film. I encourage everyone to buy a copy, with no hesitation, no second thoughts.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Lately I have been engrossed with this channel, I have been watching almost all the shows in it. People say it is the channel for women. And I agree. Almost all the shows are about women, by women and for women. It tackles all issues on women.

One of the shows I have been following is The L word, a show about lesbian women, a groundbreaking show indeed.

Another show is The E True Hollywood Story (THS), a good summary about the lives, showbiz history of famous Hollywood stars, it also summarizes the history of famous television shows, like how a tv show was created, the castings and the behind-the-scenes. It's a very informative show.

There are more shows on this channel................Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Denise Richards: It's Complicated, Wife Swap, Canada's and Britain's Next Top Model, Kid Nation, Tipping the Velvet, Madonna's Concerts, Swingtown, The Soup, The View, Good Morning America, Living Lohan, Queen Bees, So You Think You Can Dance, Don't Forget the Lyrics and some reruns of famous tv shows like Charmed, Will and Grace and Everybody Loves Raymond. And Award shows like The Academy Awards, The Emmy Awards, The Tony Awards, The Miss Universe and a lot more.

I really recommend this channel to everyone, not only women, even men would appreciate this channel. It's complete, all kinds of show that are relevant to our present lives, issues that are true and factual and shows that touches each of us.

A channel worth subscribing for. Never had a dull moment in this channel. It could make you a couch potato but in a very good and positive way, i assure everyone.

Monday, October 20, 2008


At first I thought this movie would be boring, the usual tragic movie, I was wrong. I did not feel so attached and in love and mesmerized in a movie before but this was an exception. After watching Titanic for the first time I can't get enough of it. I didn't feel it was a three hour long picture, I was at the edge of my seat the whole time, especially the scenes where Jack and Rose was running to save their lives and the other people struggling to survive. The ship (Titanic) alone has a life of its own, it has its own character.

A movie for every generation. A movie that broke all records in the box office as the first movie to ever reach the 1 billion mark in ticket sales. It made Leo di Caprio a star and became one of the A-list actors of today. This movie will always have a nice memory for me, I always remember my special someone whenever I watch and think about this movie. We watched it both together, we watched it three times in the theater. It brings back fond memories, happy times with the one I love. I think only few movies can have this kind of effect to people and we should have a lot more movies like Titanic.